Kompass Trading was established in 2009 by a group of enthusiasts residing in Italy.

The main directions of the organization were, there are and will be consulting and trade and intermediary activities. This year also added translation, legalization, logistics, etc. services.

Despite the growing financial and economic crisis, the organization showed good growth and development rates. Thanks to perseverance, coordination, clarity in setting priorities, today Kompass Trading is a stable, well-structured organization successfully operating in several European countries.

 With assistance of Kompass Trading, you can find the product you are interested in, the manufacturer or the likely partner in Italy, and also consult about this or that subject of the proposed cooperation, possible cooperation options, calculate the cost of shipping, translate and legalize the personal and professional documentation. If necessary, you can obtain general information, and information regarding special cases.

Kompass Trading is a group of companies and private entrepreneurs in Italy that have in their arsenal all the necessary tools for the successful implementation and development of your ideas and opportunities. With us, you will reach the desired result in the shortest possible time.


Our goal:

The main goal of our project is to develop the most favorable conditions for partnerships and strengthen business ties between Europe and the CIS countries.

Finding a business partner abroad and establishing contacts is a very serious and responsible process. This requires an excellent knowledge of the specifics of the Italian business market, marketing analysis, preliminary "inquiries" about which Italian companies can become a truly reliable partner for you, as well as knowledge of the terms, rules and regulations of Italian commercial law.

It is the simplification of the process of resolving these issues and creating the most favorable climate for conducting your business, and we consider it our main goal.

With us you will find:

  • Decency, hospitality and attention;
  • High quality of service;
  • Efficiency in decision-making;
  • Favorable prices;
  • Tips that can be useful in the development of your business.

Faithfully Yours ...