We do not engage in free information and / or various searches, which first of all demonstrates our honesty and decency, unlike many others who promise "golden mountains" and, subsequently, dragging out time, causing the customer nervousness and desire quickly, at any cost to get answers to their questions.

 Cooperation with us starts with your request via e-mail containing your requisites, contact details and other necessary information. And also clearly formulated questions and wishes. Within 3 working days we analyze your questions and, if necessary, contact for clarifications and details.

 After clarifying the details, drawing up a work plan and indicating the approximate time for execution, we issue a preliminary invoice for the advance amount, after payment of which we start working. The final settlement is made by the customer upon the fact of providing the results of the work done by us.

 The cost of our services directly depends on the size and complexity of the tasks. We are very pleased to undertake difficult, but no less interesting projects.